Movement & Humanness

Hi!   I am interested in super humanness.  I enjoy delving into both the complexities and simplicities of human nature.  I have studied a wide range of areas – from philosophers to quantum physicists – investigating the mysteries of universe and psychologies.  I combine these studies with an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and physiological workings from embryological formation to adulthood.

It is well-known that we all have the innate ability to repair and grow cells, and this enhances our health and well-being.  Nutrition is essential for this process, and vital for strength of mind and spirit.  Equally important is being able to move any which way you like.

It’s in our DNA to move – we move – we grow – we are born – we feed – we grow – we move – we develop high dexterity – co-ordination – strength – flexibility – stamina and endurance to do whatever we like – work and play.  All types of movement are to be encouraged.  We live in a world of mainly sitting or standing, doing the same repetitive movements daily.  What we need is variety of movement patterns.  Can you use your hands as your feet?  Can you use your left and your right hand well?  Our ability to move each joint in our spine, legs and arms gives us a huge advantage in being able to adapt and recover from injuries/illnesses.  To get you started try doing something different – switching your toothbrush to the other hand – walking backwards – try to move your body in 3 different directions – side to side – forwards and back and rotating.

What to expect when coming in for a consultation:

I will assess your movement capabilities and how you integrate within.  I will need your timeline of events from injuries to other traumas and illnesses that may have instigated a restriction of movement.  Assessment involves hands on osteopathic skills to release tight or stuck areas, to fine tune and integrate.  I work within the confines of your body; I do not force anything that is not designed.  Sometimes it is necessary to start with breathing more fully – slowing down in your day to day life – expressing yourself and owning your space!

My movement studies are forever growing.  A few of the movement styles I have played with are karate, tramping, kayaking, climbing, surfing, capoeira, hand balancing, silk training, MOVnat, Ido portal, Katie Bowman biomechanics, Wim Hof training, yoga, calisthenics, somatic training, and GMB Fitness.

This coming August I will be upskilling on the Corset programme.  The intention is to build on strength and conditioning but also prepare for misalignment and not only concentrate on proper and optimal alignment.  Being able to adapt within a world, where the unknown plays a huge factor is a great start into finding super humanness.

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