Babies with Feeding Difficulties

​​Babies with Feeding Difficulties ​Babies with Feeding DifficultiesOsteopathy can help to treat babies with feeding difficulties. If you have a baby who is having difficulty breast feeding for example, unable to latch to the breast, maintain a latch, or unable to suckle effectively, having your baby assessed and treated by a cranial osteopath may be helpful.Some …

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Development of the Face

​​Development of the Face ​Development of the FaceIn early November, Jude attended a four day osteopathic course about the development and treatment of the face.The approaches to treatment she learnt has expanded the range of techniques she uses to treat babies with feeding problems, mis-shapened head, ear problems and sleeping difficulties.​These techniques are also used …

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Chris the Yoga Teacher

​​Chris the Yoga Teacher​ ​Chris the Yoga TeacherChris trained as a yoga teacher and completed her training in June 2013.She incorporates this knowledge into her recommendations of rehabilitation exercise options.

Osteopathy and Kinesio® Taping

​​Osteopathy and Kinesio® Taping Kinesio® TapingOsteopathy has a number of principles on which it is based-one of which is that The Body PossessesSelf-Regulatory and Self-Healing Mechanisms ie. the body has built-in healing mechanisms.​The Kinesio® method is also based on that principle, and taping is designed to affect the body insuch a way as to assist …

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