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Providing Excellence in Osteopathic Healthcare
in a Friendly and Informed Environment

What Is Osteopathy?

​Osteopathic treatment is a form of hands-on healthcare. Osteopaths use their hands to diagnose and treat injury and illness by moving muscles and joints using techniques such as stretching, gentle pressure and spinal manipulation.


Meet Our Team

Our osteopaths specialise in treating a wide range of conditions including aches and pains. We treat babies, children and adults and we provide rehabilitation exercise programmes for people who have been injured or who want to improve their strength and flexibility or general well being.

What To Expect

During the first visit your Osteopath will talk to you and take a detailed case history that includes the reasons for the consultation, how and when your symptoms began and any factors that affect them. A medical history will also be taken, where previous injuries and illnesses will be noted along with any current treatments or medications.

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