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What To Expect:

Case History, Examination and Treatment

  • During the first visit your Osteopath will talk to you and take a detailed case history that includes the reasons for the consultation, how and when your symptoms began and any factors that affect them. A medical history will also be taken, where previous injuries and illnesses will be noted along with any current treatments or medications. In the case of infants and children, details of the mother’s health and lifestyle during the pregnancy, the labour and delivery and post-natal period are asked for and also any notable events in the baby’s or child’s life.

  • You may feel that some of the information we gather is not relevant, but the more your Osteopath knows, the easier it will be for us to help you. If you have any relevant x-rays or scans please bring these along.

  • A detailed Osteopathic examination follows the case history, including a postural examination. You will be asked to remove some items of clothing and perform various movements and this will help your Osteopath identify any muscular imbalances and movement limitations. Please feel free to bring along a pair of shorts if that would make you feel more comfortable; there are shorts and gowns available at the Clinic for your use.

  • ​After the examination, the Osteopath will make an assessment of your condition and will discuss treatment with you. If necessary referral to another agency for further investigation such as x-rays or GP is made. You may also be given postural advice and remedial exercises to complement your treatment.

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