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​​Osteopathy and Kinesio® Taping

Kinesio® Taping

Osteopathy has a number of principles on which it is based-one of which is that The Body Possesses Self-Regulatory and Self-Healing Mechanisms ie. the body has built-in healing mechanisms.

​The Kinesio® method is also based on that principle, and taping is designed to affect the body in such a way as to assist this process. As such taping can help prolong the benefits of osteopathic treatment.

  • ​Taping works by providing gentle stimulation to various types of sensory and chemical receptors on the skin and around the joints and muscles, during movement.

  • Taping assists and gives support to joints and ligaments, enabling you to return to your normal physical activities safely and more quickly.

  • Taping can help protect muscles and tendons from excessive force and overuse, by stimulating a modified muscular contraction.

  • Taping can help reduce pain and swelling, improve circulation and reduce trigger points, by decreasing pressure on chemical receptors and by manipulating muscle contractions which also help control the circulation of blood and lymph.

  • Taping can help to minimise fascial contraction during acute soft tissue injury and help to reorganize fascia following chronic impairment. Fascia is an uninterrupted web of connective tissue from head to toe, extending to all fibres including our organs.Fascia is responsible for maintaining structural integrity, for providing support and acting as a force dampener. When fascia is too tight repair is restricted.

  • Taping can be used to stimulate ​nerves and organs.

​However, the flexibility which allows moulding to occur also allows the bona to become strained and the bones do not return to their normal positions after delivery. This can happen if labour is unusually long or short, if the baby presents in an abnormal position, if the baby is large or has a large head, or if intervention is necessary for example a forceps or ventouse extraction.

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